• Our Mission

    To exercise our God-given gift to help others by assisting every unemployed eligible adult member of the Metropolitan Baptist Church family and, the surrounding communities in achieving the vision for favorable employment.

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  • Message from Our Pastor:

    “The Employment ministry is designed to help the people of God overcome difficulties in finding employment…glimmers of God’s favor have begun to show through the darkness; people are beginning to get jobs. We know the bondage of unemployment is being broken.”

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  • 2021 Digital Business Series

    Do you need to take your brick-and-mortar store online? Not sure which e-commerce platform is right for you? Connect with your Marketing Momma Cheryl McCants as she outlines your options and helps you identify the perfect platform for you and your business. Learn how to leverage technology and successfully stay online.

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" ... for the people had a mind to work."  Nehemiah 4:6b

Pastor Jefferson’s vision for the Employment Ministry is that every eligible adult member of the Metropolitan Baptist Church family, as well as the community we serve has favorable employment and we endeavor to achieve this end. We are very passionate about our goals and objectives and will make every effort to aid and support you with your job search.