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Workshop Evaluation Form

We value your feedback. Please take a moment to respond by selecting the number that best reflects your feelings from the workshop. Your response will help us improve future sessions. Thank you!

    Workshop Name



    How well did the facilitator know the subject matter?
    1 Not at all23 As expected45 Expert

    The facilitator answered my questions in a supportive and knowledgeable manner.
    1 Disagree23 Agree45 Strongly

    Did the facilitator encourage interaction?
    1 Not at all23 Somewhat45 Very much

    How would you rate the overall performance of the facilitator?
    1 Poor23 Fair45 Excellent

    Workshop Content

    How much time was allotted to get an understanding of the concepts and practices?
    1 Too little23 Adequate45 Too much

    This class was exactly what I expected.
    1 Disagree23 Agree45 Strongly

    How useful was the information you received? ?
    1 Not useful23 Somewhat45 Very useful

    Workshop Results

    How much did you know about this subject before attending the workshop?
    1 Very little23 Some45 A great deal

    And after?
    1 Very little23 Some45 A great deal

    Would you recommend this workshop to others?

    If your response to the previous question is "no" please explain:

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    How likely are you to utilize the information you received to support your business?
    1 Not likely23 Likely45 Very likely

    What suggestions, comments or recommendations do you have for future workshops?

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