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Workshop: 5 Easy Steps to Writing a Business Plan

Description: This workshop is designed to cover the necessary components of your Business Plan.  The objective is to answer outstanding questions and/or concerns to ensure you have a well-prepared plan.

Laurana Edwards PhotoInstructor: Laurana Edwards

Laurana Edwards has more than 20 plus years, experience as a business consultant. She specializes in strategic marketing and corporate communications, providing services to clients nation-wide. This native New Yorker is the author of “My Business Plan Book: New Venture Starter Kit”, an essential planning tool for existing businesses, start-up ventures and new product launches.

Through Profit Marketing Communications, a business consulting firm, Ms. Edwards conducts training sessions, develops communication materials and tailors a menu of business services to support entrepreneurs, major corporations, colleges, schools, small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Ms. Edwards offers these tips for entrepreneurs:

1. Allocate a budget for running and growing your business. Include a budget in each area for capitalization, marketing, operations, staffing and contingency.

2. Establish a system for running the daily operation. Think of a franchise (standardized) model. What needs to be done every day, every week, every month? The standardized business model makes running the business much easier and conducive to growth.

3. Pay attention to the economy and any trends that could affect the way consumers think and subsequently spend their money. Pay attention to competitors and the impact they may or may not have on your industry. As you seek to avoid those pitfalls that occur when you are not paying attention become ever ready to recognize and create new opportunities.