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2018 Career Fair PREP Workshop ~ Registration Form




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    The below workshops will be available to all workshop participants. Registration for specific workshops will not be required. Saturday October 6, 2018, from (9:00 am – 11:00 am.)

    Dress for Success - This session will provide assistance with how to appropriately dress for the career fair and for the interview, as well as cover the right amount of perfume/cologne, make-up, ties, colors and shoes. Is the dress attire the same for every industry? Know the different implicit and explicit rules that may apply to the different industries for dress attire. Participants will walk away with a knowledge of more presentable methods for the interview.

    Marketing Yourself in Minutes - Learn how to make a positive impression in a short period of time. The Perfect (Elevator) Pitch is a presentation about yourself that grabs the attention of the person you are speaking to in one to two. This quick pitch is essential for career fairs, business owners and anyone that has very little time to make an impact.

    Resume Writing Tips - This seminar is designed to suggest tips and tricks to make your yourself more marketable. Learn the difference between a functional resume and a chronological resume. Know the three primary types of cover letters and when to use them. The facilitator will cover buzz words, HR crawl systems, core competencies, the proper format, the use of accomplishments and more.

    Interviewing Tips - Learn the various types of interviews including email, telephone, in-person, group, behavioral and more. Learn how to prepare for your interview and the biggest mistakes you can make. You will know and understand how to apply essential research necessary to advance the interviewing process. Participants will walk away feeling more confident with their interview preparation and performance.